Eighteen. Manila.
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I already took 7 exams since yesterday. Three more and it’s sem break already! I can’t wait! :)

My laptop, Candace, is back! Finally, after months of waiting yay! :>

My Mom got me invites for the Philippine Fashion Week! It won’t be Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s event, though. :( I really want to see them, they’re included in my thinspiration list! So okay, event: LUXE WEAR collection with featured designers. It will be on Friday at 9:30pm. Now I’m not sure if I could go, though. I invited my friends/classmates but I received no response yet.

So much of what happened today haha. I think I should start studying now. Exams tomorrow are Advanced Algebra, Economics and Filipino.

Good evening! Love you <3

Yours truly, xcolormevintage xx

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